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Low Carbon Exchange deliver a wide range of services around Retrofitting homes, and we have delivered in excess of 1000 upgrades to housing providers nationwide. As a PAS2035 accredited contractor, carrying our own Retrofit Co-ordinators and Assessors means we can handle every aspect of your retrofit journey. We also pride ourselves on being able to self-deliver these works. We are Trustmark and MCS accredited and can deliver funded works across a whole scope of measures.

Our Commitment to whole-house retrofit involves the installation of multiple measures, utilising a fabric first approach as outlined by PAS2035 specifications. LCX will conduct an outside-in process where external and internal measures such as repairs, insulation, draught-proofing and ventilation are completed. Only after these measures are completed, will considerations be made for add-ons such as heating systems.

This approach aims to minimise the demand for heating and power, striving to reduce the size and capacity requirements of any replacement systems, particularly in the case of heating. By focusing on maximising and conserving heat within the home rather than solely relying on excessive heat generation, this method ensures that the home operates efficiently with minimal heat loss. Consequently, this approach not only results in reduced energy bills but also contributes to a significant reduction in our carbon footprint. This is known as the fabric first approach.

We will always make recommendations based on individualised circumstances, taking into account specific needs and requirements. The goal is to provide solutions that prioritise the well-being and satisfaction of the resident. By considering preferences and circumstances, we aim to deliver a whole-house retrofit that optimises energy efficiency, comfort, and sustainability. Ultimately creating a home that is both environmentally responsible and perfectly suited to the needs of its occupants.

Resident Feedback
The engineers were very friendly and welcoming, they came across very professional as well as approachable. I have requested either Lee or Matt to come back next time, I feel like I can trust them in my home.

Resident Feedback
Thanks to the whole company. From the jolly woman who booked the appointments over the phone to the engineers who came to service the brand new heat pump system & install the filter. 
Simon really does explain things in simple terms making the operation of a very new & complex system easy to use.

Guinness Partnership Resident
I can not speak highly enough of Robin (LCX Engineer), he was amazing. He really took his time to diagnose, repair, and I’m delighted that he is booked back in to fit a combi valve to the unvented cylinder.

Exeter City Council
I would like to acknowledge and thank all at LCX for your work to close-out on this project – no doubt we can discuss in person soon but I do recognise what an effort the last 12 months has been and the amazing results achieved. Thank you.

Selwood Housing Resident
We are delighted with our new heating system. We are also reaping the benefits on the recently installed solar panels. It is clear that the solar power and extra installation is lowering the daytime electricity costs. 
The project carried out by LCX was done with confidence and competence. All workmen involved were efficient and pleasant. In particular, we would like to thank those in charge for their kindness and patience.

Sovereign Housing Association Resident
I called in to book a service for my Heat Pump, Kirsten (LCX Engineer) was a really lovely lady the last time so I asked for her to re-attend. I suffer with anxiety and Kirsten made me feel really at ease, I really enjoyed having a chat with her while she did the service.


Whether you’re seeking to improve a property’s thermal insulation to limit your building’s energy demand, or looking to adopt greener alternatives to generate power, heat and cooling. Our renewable technology experts design and install a range of measures certified to PAS2035 standards, helping you towards achieving your Net Zero ambitions for carbon neutral homes.

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