What’s the problem?

We have some of the least energy efficient housing in Europe, and with the rise of home-working both during and after the pandemic, we are spending more and more time inside our homes. Taking into consideration over 85% of housing that will exist in 2050 has already been built, we need to focus on improving what we already have.

This is a monumental task, We face an uphill battle, and have a lot of work to do.

How are LCX helping to tackle it?

As a low-carbon organisation primarily serving the social housing sector, we’re playing our part to reduce climate change and global warming, and reducing energy and household running costs to improve people’s quality of life. This is especially important for households on low incomes, with the UK Government projecting the fuel poverty rate will increase impacting more people than ever.

We take a ‘fabric first’ approach to significantly improving a home’s thermal insulation and energy efficiency so that the transition to net zero also reduces households’ energy demand and their energy bills.

We take steps to ensure that our clients housing stock becomes more energy efficient and reducing the emissions contributing to climate change. We are committed to helping social housing organisations gain access to funding and providing training and support to provide knowledge and make recommendations around behavioural change to it’s residents.

Decarbonising Britain


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