We are Low Carbon Exchange, by name and by nature

Our approach to net zero focuses on making a difference in communities that need it the most. Working predominantly within the social housing sector, we want to ensure homes and the people living in them can remain warm, comfortable, while reducing their energy bills and carbon footprint.

We’re experts in our field, installing renewable measures and insulation measures to residents’ homes nationwide. These renewable technologies, such as Solar PV and various electrical heating measures, generate and utilise electricity while decreasing your carbon footprint. Then by adding insulation measures the requirement for heating and the heat lost through the property are further reduced. By adopting these solutions, homes across the UK can reduce their carbon emissions and bringing us closer to achieving the Net Zero 2050 target.

Low Carbon exchange offer a whole house retrofitting service, starting with a full assessment carried out by our team of retrofit assessors. We can then deliver the required measures all to PAS2035 standards, we have a proven track record in delivering and have taken many properties to a Carbon positive status on our journey.

We carry all of the major accreditations required to deliver your next project, Low Carbon Exchange can help you on your journey to achieving an Improved EPC banding across your housing portfolio.


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