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Abri Fuel Poverty Plan

Appointed as main contractor, LCX carried out property specific surveys to 174 properties within a mixture of property archetypes. The surveys included detailed appraisal of the building fabric, plus consultation with residents, including analysis of energy usage to enable effective specification of final works to each property.

Location: Chard & Surrounding Areas
Duration: 1 Year (2019)
Value: £1.45 Million
Expertise: Multi-Measure Approach
Sector: Local Authority Housing

Having appraised the properties included in this contract, multiple cases of failed and virgin cavities were identified. Alongside the requirement for fabric and associated insulation works, multiple measures were considered on an individual basis for each property in seeking to further reduce fuel poverty for the residents.

What the Client Wanted

The aim of this contract was to assist Abri in beginning to tackle fuel poverty in their housing stock. Their primary goal was to achieve a minimum EPC Band C (RdSAP 69) rating across contracted properties, aiming to enhance energy efficiency and reduce costs for residents. Beyond this, the contract aimed to integrate micro-generation and renewable technologies, minimising the housing group’s carbon footprint.

The results of the contract will assist in guiding future investment decisions through comprehensive data collection and analysis of property and energy performance. Utilising this data, Abri aimed to make informed choices that would shape their future green initiatives and investments. In essence, the contract not only sought to address immediate challenges but also to lay the groundwork for long-term positive transformations, aligning the group’s actions with their dedication to tenant well-being and net zero targets.

How we Helped

To achieve this, we extracted failed insulation where necessary and re-filled failed and virgin cavities with ThermaBead insulation. In addition, we carried out loft insulation top-ups, as well as external wall insulation and associated works. Having completed insulation measures, we installed a number of renewable technologies. These included heating system upgrades in the form of heat pumps and quantum heaters. We also installed solar PV and battery storage to support the heat pumps and alleviate fuel poverty further for residents. Throughout the commencement of the works, we liaised with residents and upon completion, educated them on how to use their new systems to reduce their fuel bills.

This resulted in a significantly improved RdSAP/EPC rating and reduction of carbon emissions which is likely to meet future potential targets of Future Homes Standards (FHS). These works have also significantly improved the properties building fabric performance, reducing the potential for damp, mould and condensation concerns.

Key Achievements

  • Resulted in significantly improved RdSAP/EPC rating which is likely to meet future potential targets of Future Homes Standards (FHS).
  • Significant reduction of carbon emissions which is likely to meet future targets.


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